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Simon picked up the guitar at the young age of 8. Setting his goal to be a professional guitar player, he began to play in bands and to write music. His first national sucesses at national contests followed soon while he was studying different styles from Rock and Pop to Jazz and Classical Music.


After leaving his hometown to study music in Mannheim, he worked as a session musician in studios and as a sideman for many projects such as Alice Merton, Jonathan Zelter and others.


Simon is now living in Hamburg. Besides his work as the guitarist of Soulsplitter he's also working as a professional guitar player for acts like Alice Merton, Wincent Weiss, Jonathan Zelter and more.




Peter Wölpl, Peter Weihe, Michael Koschorreck, Jan Zehrfeld, Bill Boris, Ed Harris




Frank Gambale, Wayne Krantz, Jennifer Batten, Thomas Blug, Jack Pisters

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